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Meet, Carina Kaissi, the face behind The Ooh La La’s. Carina has spent the last couple of years working in the events and entertainment industry. Earlier this year she finally decided to make the jump and launch her own events company, The Ooh La La’s. Carina has always viewed the world with such a child-like sense of wonder, that’s probably her ingredient x, her imagination to see what could be and not just what is. She now lives to inspire and create spaces that do just that for others. Spaces that almost act as a magical incubator, helping people to find and hold onto their inner youth and experience life in different ways.


She doesn’t just create events, Carina has become known for her ability to create spaces that transport guests outside the realms of reality. This paired along with her unparalleled sense of style and flair for creativity shines through with every event she does. The Ooh La La’s now plan some of the most high-profile celebrations and have partnerships with many elite and notable brands. Whether it’s a small gathering at someone’s home, a launch event, or a giant corporate event, The Ooh La La’s have a knack at making their clients' dreams come true.

The Ooh La La’s are based in Los Angeles but create events all over the world - they hope to see you at one very soon!